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Posted 12/22/2013 9:22am by David Paulk.

Well, we just finished our last farmer's market for the year; 33 Saturdays in all! As the year ends and winter officially arrived Saturday (at a balmy 70 degrees), we reflect back on the year and all of the wonderful support you have given us.  It makes us very appreciative and confirms why we are doing this.  Your support has helped motivate us to go out every day, throughout the year, rain or shine and make things grow.  If we didn’t get to say it in person Saturday, “Thank you and have an enjoyable holiday season!”

As we wind down our third year as new farmers, we are reminded just how challenging a season it has been.  All in all, we had just too much wet weather for optimal growing conditions.  The old saying “A dry year will scare you to death; a wet year will starve you to death” rings true.  We can recall thousands of plants in early spring trying to survive in standing water on our home farm.  A nearby farmer remarked that it was his most challenging season in his 30 years of growing vegetables.  The cold wet spring resulted in a tomato delay, multiple replantings of sugar snap peas, beans a shortage of lettuce and arugula for five weeks in mid-summer and more weeds then we'd ever seen.  We adapted to these challenges by growing more crops on our Leonardtown farm, which has sandy soils, allowing us to grow and harvest a bounty of diverse vegetables for the rest of the year.  Even though there were challenges the good thing about being a farmer is that there is always next year.

We will spend the next few weeks doing end-of-year bookkeeping, putting together our 2014 crop plan and schedule, ordering seeds, submitting our annual organic certification update, and taking a wee break before we start sowing seeds in our greenhouse next month.  If there’s something you’d like us to grow, send us an e-mail and we’ll look into it.  We enjoy trying new crops every season.  We’ll also be gearing-up for the big move soon from our home farm in Park Hall to our Leonardtown farm property and working on a number of home and farm projects including a new greenhouse and pole barn.

Before we officially close the year out, we need to recognize our amazing farm crew in 2013.  We clearly, could not have functioned without Joe, Priscilla, Kevin, Connie, Joe, Mindy, Jennifer and Amie’s help.  They each brought a unique spirit and energy to the farm and maybe, a few of them were inspired to become future farmers – we hope so.  For 2014, we’ll be looking to hire several full and part-time employees starting in late March, early April.  Please spread the word!

Lastly, thank you again for supporting our dream and help to bring locally grown food to the community.  We look forward to seeing you at the farmer’s market in late March and we’ll send out updates between now and then.  In the meantime, look for our produce at The Good Earth Natural Foods Company in Leonardtown - true friends of locally produced foods.  


David and Jennifer Paulk

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