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BAE Farmer's Market - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm...Last this Year

Posted 11/21/2014 4:59pm by David Paulk.
Dear Market Customers,  
This Saturday marks our final farmer's market for the season which has always been the plan...But if there was any doubt, Mother Nature sealed the deal Tuesday night with a low of 18 degrees on the farm.  That's January weather and a lot of our crops were damaged.  Nevertheless, we still have a lot of nice veggies for market and look forward to seeing our wonderful customers before we close the book on 2014.  For your Thanksgiving feast, we offer
- Baby Carrots (back!): Very sweet, wonderful raw or cooked in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. We have plenty.
Sweet Potatoes - (Beauregard, Murasaki & All Purple): Three varieties to try.  It's sweet potato season! They're wonderful baked, fried, roasted; for lunch, dinner and even breakfast! Of course, essential in Thanksgiving pies and baked with marshmallows on top.
- Spinach: very popular green; sweet, fresh; delicious raw or cooked in many dishes. 
- Lettuce - crisp Romaine makes a wonderful salad on your Thanksgiving table.
- Leeks:  mild, but distinctive onion flavor. Essential and delicious in fish soups and potato and leek soup. Wonderful with the greens we are selling.
- Kale: Curly, and Rainbow Lacinato: This is perfect kale weather. Delicious sauteed/lightly braised, added to soups, in salads. and as crispy chips. Rainbow lacinato leaves are like lacinato, but purple in color. 
Cabbage: Beautiful, delicious, personal-sized, but hefty, tight heads. Limited quantity.
- Beets - Red, Golden and Chioggia: The beets are spectacular right now and at peak flavor.  Now's your chance to try beets. Wonderful roasted on a bed of arugula with some goat cheese...yum!  Don't forget that the greens are great sauteed.  
Bell Peppers: Large, shiny, crisp bells.  Perfect for grilling, stuffing and stir fry. Green bells are really tasty stuffed with rice, ground turkey, beef or faux meat, with onions and those tomatoes you canned this summer.
- Garlic: Yes, we have freshly cured garlic that is so fragrant and easy to mince, and essential to so many dishes.
- Sorrel: distinctive, citrusy herb/green that is wonderful with fish, in salads, and soups. 
- Parsley: fresh, fragrant herb added to any dish, and especially wonderful with potatoes. Limited quantity.

Photo of the week:  

Farmer Dave's Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes



Your Local Farmers,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Organic Farm

Leonardtown, MD


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