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2018 California (BAE) Farmer's Market is OPEN this Saturday, 21 April, 9 am - 1 pm (UNTIL 17 NOV.)

Posted 6/1/2018 3:52pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends,

We have quite a few new veggies listed below for market tomorrow. We have a lot fresh zucchini and zephyr summer squash!  And, guess what?... It's garlic scape season!  We also have three kinds of beets, more green beans, a new white onion, fresh shallot bunches; and swiss chard and murasaki sweet pototaoes are back!  AND we have a new veggie, Kohlrabi! More info. below.  Please don't be deterred by the weather forecast. Even though the rain probability is high, the rain will be light before noon.  We look forward to seeing you!

What we'll have at market tomorrow (photos below):

- Beets, Golden, Chioggia & Red (New!):  Three kinds of sweet beets, each with their own slightly different flavor. Wonderful baked, roasted, or simply peeled, sliced, boiled and served warm with butter or cool on a salad. Try pickling! Go to www.sassafrascreekfarm.com/recipe

- Garlic Scapes (New!): Try these delicious, garlicky green shoots sautéed with scrambled eggs, veggies or as the best pesto ever!  We'll have copies of the pesto recipe at market or go now to:  www.sassafrascreekfarm.com/recipe 

- Green Beans (New!):  It's the first flush of tasty green beans for your spring salads.  Think Salad Nicoise with salad mix, beets, carrots, green beans and fresh market eggs, hard boiled. Wow!

- Kohlrabi (New!): Never tried Kohlrabi? Now is your chance! It is in the cabbage family and is great raw or cooked. Try sliced or grated in your salad or roast as a side dish. Learn more at Kohlrabi Health Benefits & Recipes.

- Shallots (New!): Yes, shallots fresh, straight from the earth to you. Okay, we did wash them. They are sweet and amazing tasting. Try sauteed with our green beans, kale, or chard.

- Sweet Potatoes, Murasaki (Back!):  Japanese sweet potatoes that are purple on the outside, white on the inside, and sweet with a vanilla, chestnut flavor.  Roast whole or slice, toss with olive oil and bake on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees F for 15 - 20 mins, until fork tender, for a satisfying dish served at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

- Rainbow Swiss Chard (Back!): Beautiful, glossy leaves and colorful stems. They have just as many nutrients as kale.  Simply sautée some sweet red onions first and then add the chopped leaves, along with the the sweet, crunchy stems, maybe toss in some roasted pine nuts for a Mediterranean treat!  Makes a great side dish!

- White Onions (New!): Freshly-harvested and delicious raw in a salad or on a burger; sauteed or grilled!

- Arugula:  The spicy green you crave!  Try as a bed for grilled salmon or sprinkled on pizza as soon as it comes out of the oven. Yum!

- Curly Kale: This is the kale you are most familiar with that you can use in soups or simply sauteed. Also very easy to use in a kale salad.  Just remove stems, cut/tear into bite size pieces, massage with a little olive oil, and then add your favorite dressing.  It's that simple.

- Lacinato Kale:  Also known as "Dino" or "Tuscan" kale. Very tasty alternative to the traditional curly kale. It makes great kale chips and salads. 

- Onions, Red:  Freshly-harvested sweet red onions. Delicious raw on a burger or sautéed in any dish.

- Salad Mix:  Convenient, delicious and ready to eat salad. Perfect blend of red and green butter heads and oak leafs. 

- Summer Squash, Zucchini & Zephyr:  We have plenty of both kinds of summer squash.  Delicious grilled or sauteed with our red or white onions, as a side dish to accompany steak, chicken or pork!

- Sweet Potatoes, Covington:  We have your favorite orange sweet potatoes and purple Murasakis (described above). So, easy to bake whole or slice and roast as sweet potato fries. Just slice 1/4 inch thick, toss with a little olive oil, roast in oven at 350 degrees for 15 mins, flip the slices and roast for about 5 mins more, sprinkle course salt (and pepper, if you like). That's it!  You have a guilt-free, sweet and so-good-for-you side dish for lunch/dinner or serve with eggs at breakfast!

We take cash, credit, debit and SNAP cards.

The market has additional vegetable vendors, as well as beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and baked goods. 

So, we hope to see you, your friends and family members on Saturday (BAE parking lot, 9am - 1pm). We've missed you and hope that you are all doing well.

Photos of the Week:

Garlic Scape (before harvest)

Fresh Zucchini

Fresh Zephyr Summer Squash

Fresh Green Beans



Fresh Sweet Red Onions


Thank you,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

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