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BAE Farmer's Market is OPEN - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 9/15/2017 5:41pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends!

We are so thankful that the forecast hurricane spared us but humbled by the power of the weather.  The cooler weather has been excellent for beginning the fall season of change here on our farm.  So come to the market tomorrow and enjoy some local freshly harvested organic vegetables.  

What we'll have at market:

- Arugula (back!):  After a two week gap, we've got your baby arugula back on the stand. 

- Radishes (Back!):  Radishes, the gateway vegetable to shopping regularly at the farmer's market.  Delicious, a little spicey, and local.  Yum!

- Rainbow Chard (new!):  We have an excellent supply of delicious rainbow chard!  Saute like you would kale and enjoy!  (Kale is coming next week, but don't let that stop you :-)

- Beet Bunches!:  Just harvested Chioggia and Red Ace beets.  Great either boiled or roasted, like a potato.  

- Whole Wheat Flour: Yes, we grew wheat on our farm and have milled it into flour just today! That's 2-lb bags of certified organic whole wheat flour!

- Garlic:  Fresh garlic is so aromatic and so easy to mince! Try some today!

- Romaine Head Lettuce (back!):   Our favorite lettuce is back and we have a good supply for this market.  

- Rolled Oats (Oatmeal):  We are selling 1.8-lb bags of rolled oats (oatmeal), from oats grown on our farm. They have a wonderful nutty flavor and are certified organic, like all of our produce! Cook them as you would Quaker oatmeal. 2:1 ratio of water to oats; cook for 10 mins or until desired consistency.

- Red Onions:  Freshly harvested sweet red onions that are so versatile and great in any dish. Delicious roasted on the grill over indirect heat.

- Super Sweet Superstar Onions:  If you've been to our stand over the years, then you know these super sweet onions!  They are large, white and very similar to vidalia onions. They are sooo good raw on burgers, in salads, or sauteed until caramalized. Make sure you cook them on a med-low heat, because the sugars in them can burn if too hot.

- Espelette Peppers: delicious spicy, slightly smoky, and sweet! Beautiful deep red peppers that are delicious cooked or dried and then ground into paprika powder. They hail from the Basque region of France and are primarily grown for a sweet, hot paprika. You can regulate the heat level by how many seeds you leave in.  If you leave all seeds in, it's about jalapeno hot. Great in salsa!  Freeze and use over the winter in chile!

- Sweet Orange Peppers:  This is pepper season.  Come and get them!  Our Oranos peppers are bright orange, shiny and sweet. So, good raw or grilled!  Freeze whole and enjoy sauteed in the middle of winter.

- Shishito Peppers:  Japanese appetizer peppers that are so delicious and easy to prepare. Just toss the whole pint of peppers into a skillet of olive oil, on medium heat; saute until they shrivel and char, just slightly. Drain peppers onto a paper towel and then plate up with a sprinkle of sea salt, served with an ice cold beer or dry white wine. Eat the whole pepper, except stem. Maybe 1 in 30 have some very mild heat.  Enjoy!

- Potatoes, Red, Blue, La Ratte Fingerling and German Butterball:  Four varieties of tasty irish potatoes.  The blue potatoes are blue inside and out, full of anti-oxidants, and great for making crispy fries or roasting.  German Butterballs are a creamy yellow/white and great for boiling, roasting or making mashed potates. Fingerlings are also a "waxy" potato, great for simply boiling or roasting. And we have our delicious Moutain Rose (red) potatoes, which are absolutely delicious and very versatile.

- Summer Squash, Zucchini and Zephyr:  The squash looks excellent and we have a good supply.  

- Cherry Tomatoes:  We have your favorite Orange, Red, Yellow cherry tomatoes.  They each have their own flavor some sweet and tangy and some sweet with less acid. 

- Tomatoes, Red Slicers:  We have traditional, very tasty red hybrid slicing tomatoes. 

- Canning Tomatoes (Back):  We'll be bringing canning tomatoes this Saturday.  So come and get your 20 lb box and put them up for the winter season.

Don't worry about having cash at our stand, since we take credit, debit and SNAP cards.

The market has additional vegetable vendors, as well as beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and baked goods. 

So, we hope to see you, your friends and family members on Saturday (BAE parking lot, 9am - 1pm). 

Photos of the Week: 



Fresh Peppers!


 Romaine Lettuce

Thank you,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

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