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BAE Farmer's Market is OPEN - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 8/21/2015 3:27pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends,

It'll be another beautiful day at the market this Saturday. In the 70's until the end of the market, and no rain. So bring your friends and family down to our bustling market. We see folks run into friends and make new friends at the market all the time. It's a social event with fresh produce, meat, and baked goods from your local farmers and bakers!  

By the way, we have lots of 2nd/Canning tomato boxes for sale! Easy instructions on how to make homemade sauce and freeze it on our Web site (link below). If you'd like to reserve a box, just reply to this email.

Remember that even though school has started, we keep going...we'll continue to have produce through Thanksgiving and will keep you posted on what's in season as we enter bountiful fall, and tasty winter.

Check out what we'll have this Saturday:

- Arugula (Back!):  Yes, we have your favorite spicy green, but in limited quantities this week.

- Basil:  BIG, beautiful, fragrant basil bunches. Of course, perfect with the season's tomatoes, added to sauteed vegetables, and for making pesto.

- Cucumbers: Two sweet types of fresh crisp cukes to choose from for your salads, a traditional "burpless" and an asian variety (similar to English cukes), both tasty sweet, with small seeds.

- Garlic: Freshly harvested garlic is ready. There's nothing better than locally grown, full-flavored garlic.  

- Lettuce:  Romaine, Green leaf and Summer Crisp. Perfect for your fresh, crisp summer salads.

- Red Onions: slightly sweet, rosy red onions. A great staple for your kitchen. Try grilling (low to medium flame)!

- Super Star Onions: White, Sweet onions. Similar to a vidalia. Wonderful raw on salads or burgers and really good caramelized and added to your pizza. Really makes a difference in flavor.

-  Oranos Sweet Peppers:  These are delicious orange peppers that we use in just about everything. They are very good raw in salads, or sauteed or grilled. Very versatile AND they freeze really well for sweet peppers in the winter.

- Jimmy Nardello (sweet peppers):  Jimmy Nardello brought seeds of these sweet Italian frying peppers from his homeland, and now we get to enjoy them!  Don't let the long red peppers fool you, they are very sweet and not hot at all, especially when you saute them over a low flame and caramelize them...yummm. They are wonderful on sandwiches, pizza and sauteed with any vegetables. We have lots of Jimmy's for you!

- Padron Peppers (not hot): The tasty, easy spanish Tapa! As they do in Spain, just saute the peppers whole in olive oil until blistered, sprinkle with sea salt, and serve on a plate with an ice cold beer. Makes a wonderful appetizer.

- Jalapeno Peppers (spicy):  Perfect for grilled jalapeno poppers and in fresh salsa!

- Potatoes:  Fingerlings, Mt. Rose (Red), German Butterball, and Blue potatoes. If you've never tasted freshly harvested potatoes, you are missing out!  Just a quick boil until fork tender and toss with butter, or olive oil and minced garlic. Great roasted.

- Spaghetti Squash: Delicious, sweet and versatile spaghetti squash. Perfect as an easy low carb, gluten free pasta substitute. Just pierce with a fork all over, and microwave whole on high for 10 - 12 minutes, cut in half, remove seeds, and scrape out tasty squash strands. It is that easy.

- Summer Squash: Delicious, sweet, and slightly nutty summer squash that's half yellow and half green...that's Zephyr! And then we have delicious zucchini.  All very good grilled on a medium flame with onions and peppers for a grilled vegetable salad...Yum! 

 - Tomatoes: We have lots of tasty red slicing and our popular green zebra tomatoes that are ripe, tangy and tasty! Perfect for salsa! 

 - Tomato 2nds:  Very popular with canners, freezers and sauce-makers, we have 25-lb boxes of tomatoes for sale ($20/box). They are 2nds because they may have a cosmetic defect or are a little too ripe, but are otherwise perfectly tasty to eat fresh or cook. Farmer Jen makes and freezes sauce every week. Just ask how at our stand or check out the "fresh sauce" recipe on our Web site (link below). Please reply if you would like us to reserve you a box or two.

- Cherry Tomatoes: We have your favorite orange and red sweet treats! The most addicting healthy snack. Just put a bowl of them on the kitchen counter and watch them disappear!


Photos of the week:

Look who I found in the cherry tomato beds...Farmer Dave!

SWEEET Oranos Peppers...yummm!





Your Farmers, 
David and Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

Leonardtown, MD

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