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BAE Farmer's Market is OPEN - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 7/10/2015 3:51pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends,

Summer is in full swing and what better time to drop by the BAE Farmer's Market tomorrow and purchase a variety of delicious fresh produce (and meat, chickens, eggs & baked-goods).

What's Coming to Market from Sassafras Creek Farm?


- Basil:  beautiful, fragrant basil bunches. Of course, perfect with the season's first tomatoes.

- Beets:  We have Red, Golden & Chioggia, sweet beets that are just beautiful and tasty. Try wrapped in foil and roasted on the grill...yum!

- Cucumbers: Two sweet types of fresh crisp cukes to choose from for your salads, a traditional "burpless" and an asian variety (similar to English cukes), both sweet, with small seeds and tasty.

- Garlic: Freshly harvested garlic is ready. There's nothing better than locally grown, full-flavored garlic.  

- Lettuce (Back!):  Romaine and Green leaf (limited supply).

- Red Onions: Freshly harvested, slightly sweet, rosy red onions. A great staple for your kitchen. Try grilling (low to medium flame)!

- Super Star Onions (New!): White, Sweeet onions. Similar to a vidalia. Wonderful raw on salads or burgers and really good carmelized and then added to your pizza.

-  Oranos Sweet Peppers:  These are delicious orange peppers that we use in just about everything. They are very good raw in salads, or sauteed or grilled. 

- Jalapeno Peppers (New!):  Perfect for grilled jalapeno poppers and in fresh salsa!

- Potatoes (New!):  Red, German Butterball (new) and Blue potatoes (new). If you've never tasted freshly harvested potatoes, you are missing out!  Just a quick boil until fork tender and toss with butter, or olive oil and minced garlic. Great grilled.

- Summer Squash: Delicious, sweet, and slightly nutty summer squash that's half yellow and half green...that's Zephyr! And then we have the delicious flying saucer patty pans.  Both very good grilled on a medium flame with onions and beets for a grilled vegetable salad...Yum! 

- Tomatoes: We have lots of tasty hybrid slicing and heirloom tomatoes! We even have some green tomatoes for you fried green tomato lovers (count me in!).

- Cherry Tomatoes (New!): We have plenty of your favorite sungold cherry tomatoes and the first of the red sweet treats!

- Tomato 2nds (New!):  Back by popular demand, for you canners, freezers and sauce-makers, we have a limited supply of 20 lb boxes of tomatoes for sale.


Photos of the week:


Your Farmers, 
David and Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

Leonardtown, MD

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