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BAE Farmer's Market is OPEN - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 6/12/2015 3:14pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends,

It sure feels like summer now! The cucumbers and squash jumped this week, and the tomatoes are starting to ripen, with the sweet peppers not far behind. Things are going really well...with garlic harvesting next week (but remember it has to cure in the barn first before we can take it to market...but it's worth the wait). We know you all will be grilling this weekend, and we have plenty of veggies that are great on the grill. Check out the new vegetables listed below and note that we have plenty of Arugula, cucumbers and summer squash, and as always, the early bird gets the worm (so to speak).  Some come on by the market tomorrow! It should be nice in the morning (70's) with showers not until after market.


What we'll have this Saturday

- Arugula: the spicy green that you crave is back. We have plenty. 

- Green Beans (New!): It's the first flush of tasty green beans (limited quantity).

- Beets:  We have red and chioggia, sweet beets that are just beautiful and tasty. Try wrapped in foil and roasted on the grill...yum!

- Rainbow Chard: Colorful, beautiful greens with tasty crunchy stalks. So tasty simply sauteed in a little olive oil, and a little salt and pepper.

- Celery: (New!): If you've never had fresh harvested celery, well, you've been missing out...it is slightly sweet and very aromatic. The cool crunch of celery is great raw with a dip and in summer salads (e.g., tuna salad, chicken salad, salad salad).

- Cucumbers: We have plenty! The cucumber tidal wave hit this week. Two sweet types of fresh crisp cukes to choose from for your salads.

- Fennel: that aromatic, anise-flavored bulb that is great raw, especially with citrus, or roasted with chicken.

- Garlic Scapes:  Scapes are the green stalks that hardneck garlic plants shoot up in the spring. It would become a seed head, but we cut them off (so all the energy goes into making the garlic bulb in the ground). The great thing too is that you can eat the scapes! They are like a very garlicky and aromatic green onion. They are great added to scrambled eggs, added to vegetable saute, and makes THE best pesto!  No basil needed. Recipes will be handed out at the market. This may be the last of the scapes for the season.

- Curly Kale: delicious sauteed/lightly braised, added to soups, in salads, and as crispy chips. Of course, it's great for juicing! Think of all those anti-oxidants.

- Lacinato Kale: Also known as "Dino" or "Tuscan" kale. Very tasty Kale alternative to the traditional curly kale. It makes great kale chips, among many delicious uses.

- Leeks: They are in the onion family, but have their own distinctive mild flavor that is wonderful in any sauteed vegetable dish, so good cooked with fish, and essential to any fish or potato-leek soup.

- Lettuce:  Cool fresh, tasty green leaf, bibb and romaine head lettuce. Much better than anything you'll find in the store, plus it keeps fresher longer. 

- Red Onions: Freshly harvested, slightly sweet, rosy red, all purpose onions. A great staple for your kitchen. Try grilling (low to medium flame)!

- Walla Walla Onions:  These SWEET onions, harvested fresh, similar to Vidalia. Really great raw on salads, sauteed, caramelized, grill (low to med flame) and for onion rings! See photo below!

- Italian Flat Leaf Parsley (back!): fresh, aromatic herb that is essential in Tabouleh, Italian dishes, and a wonderful addition to salads.

- Zephyr Summer Squash:  Delicious, sweet, and slightly nutty summer squash that's half yellow and half green. Really good grilled on a medium flame with onions and beats for a grilled vegetable salad...Yum! 

- Hakurei Turnips:  White, sweet and crunchy Japanese variety of turnips. Wonderful raw in salads or simply sauteed or steamed, along with, of course, the tasty turnip greens. 

Check out recipes on our Web site: www.sassafrascreekfarm.com


 Photos of the week:  Cucumbers, Zephyr Squash and Celery!



Your Farmers, 
David and Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

Leonardtown, MD

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Last California Farmers Market of 2019, Saturday (9AM - 1 PM)November 22nd, 2019

Hello Farm Friends, Pick up your fresh, tasty veggies for your Thanksgiving Dinner! All of our veggies have an extra sweet flavor because of the cold!  Remember fresh is best for flavor, nutritio


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