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BAE Farmer's Market is OPEN - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 5/1/2015 4:39pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends,

Spring is lovely, fresh, green, fragrant and it likes to fool us once in awhile into thinking that summer is just around the corner. It is also a challenging time of year to grow due to the really variable temperatures and rain. It's sometimes a little too warm for cool season crops and sometimes too cool for warm season crops. This means that some cool season crops are bolting ("going to seed"), while some warm season crops are growing slowly. It is also difficult to get into the fields to prep beds for planting because the soil is so wet. All this said, we still manage to have vegetables for you; in large part due to our "high tunnels." A high tunnel is essentially a passive solar (unheated), large greenhouse where you grow your vegetables in the ground. It provides a protected environment from chilly temperatures, warms the soil, and allows us to control how much water the soil gets. So, even though we may not have the usual breadth of veggies this week, we do have depth. As the weather continues to warm, the variety of vegetables will increase. So, hang in there...

What we'll have this Saturday

- Asian Greens: "Yukina Savoy" has spoon-shaped, dark green leaves that are similar in consistency to spinach, but has a delicious, slightly nutty, mild flavor. Use as you would spinach in any dish.

- Chinese Loose Head Cabbage: Light green, loose head chinese cabbage looks like green leaf lettuce, but has a mild cabbage flavor and slightly crunchy stalk. Really delicious raw as a salad on its own or mixed with salad greens, but also great lightly stir fried with rice and a little soy sauce, or added to soups.

- "Lollipop" Radish mix:  Bunches of colorful radishes mixed together. Milder in this cool spring weather.

- Salad Mix:  Convenient, tasty and ready to eat salad. Perfect blend of red and green lettuce. 

- Scallions: Mild green onions, perfect raw in salads or sprinkled on top of your stir fry, but don't cook too much. These are young, green, and delicate.

- Sweet Potatoes: Did you know sweet potatoes get sweeter in storage? Well, they are at peak sweetness right now. They are super tasty baked, fried, and roasted; for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast! We have the All Purple Japanese, sweet/savory sweet potatoes. Tasty and loads of antioxidants! 

Check out recipes on our Web site: www.sassafrascreekfarm.com


 Photo of the week:  Head lettuce is sizing up!


Your Farmers, 
David and Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

Leonardtown, MD

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