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BAE Farmer's Market - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 10/31/2014 3:58pm by David Paulk.
Dear Market Customers,  
We will be at the market tomorrow as always, rain or shine, along with all the other vendors. So, please don't be deterred by a few showers that are predicted (greatest chance not until noon on). We have many lovely, tasty vegetables for you!
Remember that BAE Farmer's Market will remain OPEN through November. Hours remain the same; 9am - 1 pm. Expect to see Sassafras Creek Organic Farm, Porpoise Creek Farm, Monnett Farm and Swamp Fox Farm, as well as several bakers.   
What we'll have this Saturday:  (Check out recipes on our Web site!)
- Shiitake Mushrooms (New!): perfect weather conditions (rainy and cool) means we have fresh, sweet shiitake mushrooms. They are delectable simply sauteed in a little butter with fall greens, or with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Of course, many other uses....great in soups.
- Celery (New!): so fresh and aromatic. If you've never tried freshly harvested celery, now's your chance. Essential as flavoring for soups, and wonderful roasted with chicken. This is the first harvested of the season and we'll have more through November.
- Parsley (back!): fresh, fragrant herb added to any dish, and especially wonderful with potatoes.
- Fennel: Fresh, crisp and anise-flavored. Wonderful raw in salads, especially with citrus salads; delicious roasted with potatoes and turnips and roast chicken.
- Radicchio: Can be torn up and eaten raw in salads to add a bite, but most intoxicating when simply roasted in the oven with a little olive oil. 
- Spinach:  very popular green; sweet, fresh; delicious raw or cooked in many dishes. 
- Beets (red and golden): Now's your chance to try golden beets. Wonderful roasted on a bed of arugula with some goat cheese...yum!  Don't forget that the greens are great sauteed and have a taste and consistency similar to spinach.
- Hakurei Turnips:  snow white, crisp and sweet. Delicious raw or cooked, and don’t forget the tasty turnip greens (simply saute and eat with the turnips).
- Kale: Curly, Lacinato, and Rainbow Lacinato: delicious sauteed/lightly braised, added to soups, in salads. and as crispy chips. Preferred by chefs. Rainbow lacinato leaves are like lacinato, but purple in color. Think of all those anti-oxidants.
- Rainbow Chard: savory, tasty green that is wonderful simply sauteed in a little olive oil, with salt and pepper. 
- Sweet Potatoes: It's that time of year again, sweet potato season! They're wonderful baked, fried, roasted; for lunch, dinner and even breakfast! Two varieties!
- Radishes: Sweet, crisp, slightly spicy, multi-colored treats.
Cabbage: Beautiful, delicious, personal-sized, but hefty, tight heads.  
- Lettuce, Romaine, Bibb and Red Leaf: delicious options to suit your salad needs. If you've never tried sweet, soft bibb salad, you are missing out. It's particularly good for wraps.
- Baby Arugula:  For all you arugula lovers; we have plenty of what you crave, and it is really at peak flavor and size.
- Fresh Ginger: Fresh from the ground, not cured. Just beautiful, and has the most intoxicating fresh, spicy aroma. If you've never tried fresh ginger, you've got to try it out. Of course you can use ginger in stir fry, but it is wonderful in soups, ginger tea, ginger soda, and candied.
Bell Peppers: Large, shiny, crisp bells.  Perfect for grilling, stuffing and stir fry. Green bells are really tasty stuffed with rice, ground turkey, beef or faux meat, with onions and those tomatoes you canned this summer. Near the end of the season for bell peppers. 
- Oranos Sweet Peppers:  Crunchy, sweet orange peppers that are great raw or cooked. We are near the end of the Oranos' season.
- Jimmy Nardello Sweet Italian Peppers: Shiny red peppers that get sweeter when you cook them; Italians use on Italian sandwiches, on pizza, and with other sauteed veggies. Also near end of season for Jimmy's.
- Mountain Rose Potatoes: These blush-colored potatoes make a pretty, tasty potato salad. Very versatile, great roasted or in soups/stews. 
- Shallots:  Delicate, unique onion flavor that makes so many dishes perfect. 
- Garlic: Yes, we have freshly cured garlic that is so fragrant and easy to mince, and essential to so many dishes.
- Sorrel: distinctive, citrusy herb/green that is wonderful with fish, in salads, and soups.
- Cilantro:  We have plenty of your favorite, fresh aromatic herb! 

Photo of the week:  

Proud Farmer Dave and Ginger Plants in our High Tunnel



Your Local Farmers,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Organic Farm

Leonardtown, MD


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