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BAE Farmer's Market - Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

Posted 7/18/2014 4:14pm by David Paulk.
Hello Customers!
It's the start of Buy Local Challenge Week in Southern Maryland!  Take the pledge to eat one local vegetable, fruit, dairy or meat product each day this week at http://www.buy-local-challenge.com/testchallenge.asp. Our Saturday farmer's market is a great way to support your local farmers, economy, health, environment, and enjoy delicious, fresh food with your family and friends. Plus, the weather should be just wonderful.
For this Saturday we'll be offering:     
- Arugula (Back!):  For all you arugula lovers; we have what you crave.
- Heirloom Tomatoes (New!):  We now have in quantity four varieties of delicious heirloom tomatoes.
- Red Slicing Tomatoes: We have lots of great, red tomatoes that are equally good on sandwiches, as they are canning and making sauces.
- Cherry Tomatoes: Two sweet, tangy varieties, one gold and one red. Great on salads or as a healthy snack (instead of candy or chips).
Basil (Genovese & Thai):  The aromatic herb that says "summer is here", and go so well with tomatoes.
- Icebox Watermelon:  Small, sweet personal-sized watermelon.
- Shallots:  Delicate onion flavor that makes so many dishes perfect.  
- Jalapeno Peppers:  Time for that homemade salsa!
- Garlic: Yes, we have freshly cured garlic that is so fragrant and easy to mince, and essential to so many dishes.
- Blue Potatoes: Oblong tubers with purple skin and flesh that remains firm and moist after cooking. For chips, salads, roasting, and even microwaving, they can't be beat! 
- German Butterball Potatoes: A delicious, waxy potato that is excellent baked, roasted, mashed, or fried.
- Mountain Rose Potatoes: These blush-colored potatoes make a pretty, tasty potato salad.
- Oranos Sweet Peppers: sweet, crunchy, great raw and cooked.
- Green & Red Bell Peppers: Large, shiny, crisp bells. Perfect for grilling, stuffing and stir fry.
- Green Beans:  What better way to enjoy a summer meal than with fresh green beans. 
- Lettuce, Romaine and Summer Crisp: Two delicious options to suit your salad needs.
Cucumbers:  really great cukes; sweet and crunchy; perfect in all your summer salads and for making quick, refrigerator pickles.
- Summer Squash, Zephyr:  One of our favorite summer squashes - has a delicious mild, nutty, sweet flavor.  We pick them small so flavor is at its peak.
- Patty Pan Summer Squash: You'll love this slightly nutty, sweet squash.
- Super Star Sweet OnionsBig, very white, crisp sweet onions that are great for fresh eating in salads and on burgers, as well as sauteed or caramelized.
Red Onions: Great raw, grilled or caramelized.
- Parsley:  fresh, aromatic, wonderful in salads and essential in tabouleh.
Go to our Web site for recipes!

Photo of the week:  Summer & Heirloom Tomatoes

 Summer & Heirloom Tomatoes

 Your Local Farmers,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Organic Farm

Leonardtown, MD


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