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BAE Farmer's Market - What's Available Saturday!

Posted 6/6/2014 7:27pm by David Paulk.
Hello Again!
We hope you all have had a good week. Now, what's a great way to start a weekend of great meals with family and friends?...come to the farmer's market with your friends and family and pick up some fresh, local vegetables, meat and baked goods.  
For this Saturday we'll have the following vegetables:   
- Sugar Snap Peas (New!): Sweet, crunchy, great on salads, and sauteed with vegetables.
- Parsley (New!):  fresh, aromatic, wonderful in salads and essential in tabouleh.
Cucumbers:  A sweet, crunchy
- Summer Squash, Zephyr:  Our favorite summer squash - has a delicious mild, nutty, sweet flavor.  We pick them small so flavor is peak. (Limited Supply).
- Kale, two types; Lacinato & Blue Scotch Curl
- Beets, three varieties:  Chioggia, Golden, Red (new!):  Prized for their sweet flavor. Delicious baked, boiled or steamed. And don't forget about the greens, which are tasty as a spinach substitute.
- Garlic Scapes:  Are making their rare springtime only appearance.   Ideal in pesto and egg dishes (see recipes on our Web site).
Walla Walla Sweet Onions:  Big, sweet onions that are especially great for fresh eating in salads and on burgers, as well as fried as onion rings. Mild and sweet.
Red Onions: Fresh harvested red onions that are great raw, grilled or caramelized.
- Bibb Lettuce: mild, tender bibb lettuce, an excellent choice for a delicious salad with strawberries, or use the leaves for wraps.
- Romaine Lettuce: Big, fresh heads that add that crunch we like in salads.
Arugula: Add a little spice to your life! .
- French Sorrel: The herb with a lemony zest for your fish and salad dishes.
- Rainbow Chard:  Big, beautiful, colorful leaves; when sauteed in a little olive oil or butter make a simply delicious, savory side dish. 

Photo of the week:  Lettuce Harvest 


Your Local Farmers,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Organic Farm

Leonardtown, MD




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